A Feathered Nest

The kids have been waiting since Easter for the girls to lay eggs.  It finally happened this week.  I have to admit that finding them the first time was exhilarating.  It seems so silly to admit that, but watching the kids reaction was priceless.

Dakota had been watching Lemondrop for weeks.  He warned Pat that he thought she was about to lay.  We had closed off the nesting boxes from the rest of the coop (using advice we found online) because they were pooping in them.  So Pat heeded Dakota’s warning, and removed the 2×4 barricade.  Turns out that Koko’s hunch was correct.

The next task after the discovery was deciphering which hen had laid which egg.  We knew the first egg had to be Sunny’s becauase it was brown, and she’s the only Rhode Island hen.  But the other egg, who could it belong to?  Lemondrop or Zomboss?  They were both Ameraucanas, and the blue eggs were expected.  Dakota finally determined that Lemon must be the one laying because the nest was lined with soft white (wheaten) feathers.  Chickens “feather” their nests by plucking their breast feathers to accomodate the eggs.  Sounds just like a mother doesn’t it?  Sacrificing her own beauty for the safety of her children.

Freddie was nervous.  He wasn’t sure why, but he knew he needed to make A LOT of noise.  He was pacing around the coop like a maniac.  I could imagine the girls rolling their eyes at him in annoyance.  The kids wanted to know when we were gonna hatch the baby chickens.  I promised them that one day we would, but first we were having breakfast.



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